Yahaya (Professional Athlete)

Yahaya Musa started yoga at a very challenging time in his life. The sudden death of a close family member along with the hard decision to stop pursuing his dream of playing soccer professionally put him into a depressed state for five years. It was also at this time that he found yoga. Yoga helped him find peace and allowed him to show up for the first time in his life for himself, and for others. After experiencing the physical and mental benefits of yoga, he decided to become a certified yoga teacher. He now teaches weekly at Samudra Yoga and the Remy Rouge Culture Center in Brooklyn, New York; which is dedicated to the wellness and uplifting of the black community. He leads flow classes and specializes in yoga for athletes. As a former professional football (soccer) player, he understands first-hand how yoga can help prevent injuries and speed recovery.

Music: Sol Rising

Videography: Sunship Films