Steven (Amputee)


Steven Medeiros has been practicing yoga for 24 years. Initially, yoga played a critical role in his ability to cope with the stresses of adolescents and the trauma he experienced from his childhood. After overcoming his trauma, Steven’s yoga practice eventually morphed into a way of life providing him with a plethora of physical benefits that extended well beyond his daily practice. Yoga was also instrumental in his ability to physically move forward in life after losing his leg in a traumatic motorcycle accident.

When the opportunity presents itself, Steven never fails to share his experience with yoga and the ways it has improved his life, both, as an able-bodied person and today as an amputee.
In the future, Steven hopes to become a certified yoga teacher to help make yoga more accessible to people with different abilities.

The pose featured on this greeting card is a wheel pose, also known as a backbend (Sanskrit: Urdhva Dhanurasana). It helps strengthen and stretch the shoulders, arms, chest, upper back, and spine. This card highlights amputees, and their strength, resilience, and determination to regain mobility in their life.

Music: Sol Rising

Videography: Sunship Films

Photography: Robert Sturman

Lifestyle photography: Ty Mecham