Emily (2x Cancer Survivor)


Emily Pareti is a 2x Hodgins Lymphoma cancer survivor. She was first diagnosed when she was 18 years old, and again seven years later. Yoga helped her heal during her cancer journey, and mentally helped her stay in the present moment and not focus on what was next in her health journey. After her cancer treatment, she became a certified yoga teacher to help others find healing. She now teaches weekly Vinyasa and Aerial yoga classes in New Jersey at Honor Yoga North Brunswick, and teaches a weekly chair yoga class at Rutgers Foundation and Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey (her alma mater and where she was treated for her lymphoma). Emily also co-leads “Release & Rialign Retreats” that focus on healing from the inside out physically, emotionally, and energetically. These retreats are offered in various locations throughout the year to anyone who wants to heal the issues in their tissues - many cancer thrivers and survivors attend these retreats.

The image in the yoga greeting card Emily highlights is made of words that represent the many types of cancer diagnoses a female can have. The pose featured in the card is called Warrior 2 (Sanskrit: Virabhadrasana II). The inside of this greeting card reads, “You are a warrior!” This card was designed to acknowledge and celebrate the tremendous amount of strength those diagnosed with cancer have and develop while going through a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Music: Sol Rising
Videography: Sunship Films

Lifestyle photography: Zack Taylor