Ben Glassco

Ben Glassco is a Vancouver-based photographer, adventurer, and storyteller. Beginning his life in business in his 20s, he logged his hours in the corporate grind yearning for a more purpose-driven life. Eventually, he sold his belongings, quit his job, and bought a one-way ticket to Northern Vietnam. There, he bought a motorcycle and rode alone for 8 months through 8 countries. All he packed was his camera. His goal was to jump full-throttle into a career in photography, and it worked. Today, Ben is a full-time travel photographer, working on powerful stories that truly inspire him. His clients range from small boutique resorts on the Canadian West Coast, to large international brands like G Adventures, Tourism Thailand, and Polar Pro. Check out his work and follow along with his daily shenanigans on any of his many channels!

We are excited to feature two of Glassco’s photographs of VIKASA Yoga Retreat.