A Sun Salutations’ Commissioned Photo is the Sept/Oct 2020 Cover of the "Yoga Journal"

This cover is very special. It's the first time an amputee has been featured on the cover of the Yoga Journal. Sun Salutations commissioned this photoshoot with Steven Medeiros and Robert Sturman because these types of images really don’t exist, and I wanted to have pictures of people with disabilities doing yoga for the greeting cards. It’s amazing to see Steven on this cover representing diversity in so many ways for the yoga community! This exact photograph is also available on our greeting cards, and is the “Card of the Month” for the month of September.

Repost from Robert Sturman’s Instagram account @robertsturman

A little bit about the creation of this cover image:
This image was made possible by @sunsalutationscards - a new greeting card company that focuses exclusively on yoga. Started by a breast cancer survivor that taught yoga to military service members in Afghanistan, this company's mission is to support the diversity of the yoga community. Melanie, the founder, wondered if yoga is for everyone, why is it so hard to find images of people of all ages, physical abilities, colors, and sizes doing yoga? That is how we met. She contacted me from Afghanistan because she liked the diversity of humanity celebrated in my work. A year later, twenty-two of my photographs will appear on greeting cards for the first time. The image featured on the cover of Yoga Journal is one of them. Following the adage of, if it doesn't exist then make it, Sun Salutations brought Steven and I together and commissioned this photoshoot. As a woman of color, Melanie understands that representation matters. Check out @sunsalutationscards and give them a follow to stay up to date on when they go live. If you appreciate my photography you will love these cards, and what better time than now to send someone a hand-written greeting card.

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